Monday lifting; weekend working

Usually I work at home on Mondays, but I have a meeting I wanted to be at in person so I came in. This has made me vaguely grumpy, but I was able to go to the gym this morning and lift so it’s not all bad. The plan was to do a both front and back leg day, but I did my quad sets, started up the hamstring sets, and my lower back promptly said "No, let’s not do that!" So I’ll put them off until later this week, I guess. I’m not going to fight through back spasms.

Squat – 3x5x135lb
Step-up – 2x10x40lb, each side
Lunge – 2x10x45lb
Leg press – 2x10x200lb

DL – 1x5x135lb (this was supposed to be my DL warmup set, it was the only set)
RDL – 1x10x95lb
1 leg DB RDL – 1x10x20lb, each side

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical so I would feel less like I was cutting my workout short, and called it a day.

This weekend was productive – not only did I get a nice lap swim sesh in on Sunday, we got the new toilet installed and bought a pretty new shower curtain so the bathroom is DONE. Toilet installation isn’t complicated but I feel like there’s a lot of places for it to potentially go wrong? It seems to be working properly and nothing is leaking.

We also had a good talk about the "next steps" for the work that needs to get done before we list the condo. I tend to get antsy and want to get it done NOW, while my husband is more realistic. But I think the next thing we need to do is a tough one– we need to de-stuff, the house has way too much stuff in it to stage and list. This means we both have to take a hard look at what we have, prepare to put the things we want to keep into storage, and let go of the rest. We also have a moratorium on bringing new stuff in! I went through the pantry and cupboards and found a bunch of expired food, tossed that, and found a bunch of other stuff that was still OK but that we weren’t going to eat so that got bagged for donating. So much extra space now. I do need to go through our tea stash though– we have nearly an entire cupboard of tea… maybe I can bring it to work…

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