Swole, sis

Off the train and into the weight room this morning to do a pile of stuff before starting my day. The obvious answer when I’m feeling fatigued is — increase volume! 3 sets this time instead of 2, and extra bench. I must’ve got a good pump or something – my arms felt tight when I was done, and I was amused that I packed a sleeveless shirt today.
SS#1 – arms and chest and stuff
Bench – 5x(115,135,115,115, 115)lb
Biceps – 3x10x20lb+ezbar
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
OHP – 3x10x45lb

SS#2 – back and shoulders and stuff
BB BO row – 3x10x65lb
One-arm barbell BO row – 3x10x25lb, each side

Lat PD – 3x10x35

Bonus: farmers carry, 45lb each hand, which I failed 3/4 of the way through – my hands are beat up lately

I haven’t talked about it much, but the new way of eating is not doing my lifts any favors. I might be still adapting, but the kind of explosive energy that lifting heavy relies on is non-existent. I’m all right with dropping the weights down some (or a lot) and adding some volume to compensate, but it kind of makes me sad when I remember that I was repping bench at 145lb 2 months ago. It’s giving me some space to experiment with different kinds of training, though, and it’s probably not a bad thing to step back and stop defining myself as “that big lady who lifts a lot”– even though that’s a fun thing to be.

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