Long leg day

I am wiped out from today’s workout. I always go out to lunch with coworkers on Thursdays, and to get to where the restaurants are we have to go up 2 flights of stairs and back down again. Last week I joked that I was never going to have leg day on Thursday again because stairs suck afterward– but here I am. Today I did 3 sets again because volume is so fun; this took me almost an hour.

Squat – 10x95lb, 5x115lb, 3x5x135lb
Step-up – 3x10x50lb, each side
Lunge – 3x10x45lb
Leg press – 3x10x200lb on the machine

RDL – 3x10x95lb
Back extensions – 3x10xBW
Glute thrusters – 3x10x30lb

I didn’t go too hard on the second superset because I’m still concerned about my back. I left out regular DLs intentionally, and was very careful with squat form (no using back!) No pain today, so I was happy. Hopefully through the targeted application of light compound exercises I can get those muscles talking to each other again.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I thought to myself "crap, I forgot to pack underwear" but I must’ve fallen asleep shortly after that and didn’t do anything about it. In the locker room I discovered that yep, I didn’t have them. And I’m wearing a dress. I have pettipants so I’m not uncovered but I still hate being undies-less.

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2 Responses to Long leg day

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m going to suggest that you get a 5-pack of underpants and keep them in your desk :-)

    • G says:

      I used to keep an emergency pair in my gym bag but the new bag doesn’t have a coin pocket. I should probably put one in a pouch and leave it in there, this happens too often :)

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