Destroy the monster with weight lifting

I am finally back to the gym and I’m SO HAPPY about it. This week I was at a localish but off-site meeting and it ate my life. Since my gym is at work and I was away from the office and the commute and hours were long it just wasn’t an option. (I considered runs in the evening but it is hot as BAWLZ here and I think I would die.)

I’m not sure if the two things are related, but my mental state has been on the fritz this week too– the anxiety monster has been eating me alive (which is never a good thing when I’m at a conference with a bunch of people I don’t know). I’m hoping that the combination of it being Friday (woo HOO) and the burst of physical activity help to move that monster on down the road. I have a chill weekend planned and that’s lovely.

Anyway, about that burst of activity! I just went for everything today because I could. And I elliptical’d for 15 minutes afterwards, just to keep it going. I feel much better already!

Bench – 8x115lb, 3x135lb, 4x125lb (ughhh)
Biceps – 2x10x45lb
Triceps – 2x10x45lb
OHP – 2x10x45lb

BO Row – 2x10x65lb
Lat PD – 2x10x35

Squat – 3x5x135lb
Barbell lunge – 2x10x45lb
Leg press – 2x10x200lb

Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x185lb
Back extension – 2x10xBW

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2 Responses to Destroy the monster with weight lifting

  1. Oh that’s so good! You may have even motivated me to get my butt to the weights room…!

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