slump run

I had to drop my car off at the shop this morning for service. The shop isn’t far from my house, and rather than wait, I opted to run home and add on a little bit extra for a nice workout. The first mile was pretty fast for me– 11’05”– but the rest was much slower as the humidity caught up with me. 2.81 miles, 36:31 overall.

I’m hoping that, now that my period’s started, my mood will even itself out. A terrible mixture of anxiety, lack of motivation, apathy and ennui has been rumbling around my head and I’ve been feeling burnt out and crappy. This paralyzing anxiety is new to me, too; I’ve dealt with it in small amounts but this has lasted over a week and it sucks. It’s just a constant low-grade energy sink.

Regardless, I need to take some time and pick up the work threads I dropped last week in the middle of that anxious mess. Projects ain’t gonna manage themselves. I’m looking forward to the end of the fiscal year coming up in a couple months– I inherited some temporary tasks this year that have been adding to my stress and I am ready to rid myself of them, as well as sit down with my boss and talk about “accrual of duties” because if I’m going to be doing all this management work I should at least get paid/titled like it.

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