et tu, dehydration

On Monday I had an awful sick migraine (probably from that hot run) and yesterday I still felt awful with the ‘hangover’ from that and stayed home. Today I’m back at work, but, for some strange reason, I wanted a run (on the dang treadmill, in the AC, this time) and so I went to the gym with that goal in the morning. 30 minutes of that was annoyingly hard, and I walked some and covered just over 2.25 miles while watching a spoiled couple argue about a house on HGTV.

I’ve been waking up super dehydrated and I think that’s part of what’s giving me problems on my morning runs; they’re extra hot and difficult without enough water in my system. There’s a fine line though, since I work out shortly after I wake up– if I drink too much I risk having a potty emergency in the middle of my run.

I’m playing catch-up at work even more now and that’s no fun. I don’t like having to do this level of triage on my tasks. Thankfully, things are going to be a bit slow next month thanks to a lot of people going on leave so I can have some space to focus (before I go on leave myself!)

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