So dang early

Early day -> up early, in early, lifting early, meetings early. The gym is usually bustling at 7am, but everyone must be on vacation or something because there were only 2 of us in the weight room. The other guy was doing a leg day so our equipment didn’t overlap and I didn’t feel bad about leaving all my stuff set up.

Bench – 4x5x115lb
Biceps – 3x10x45lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
OHP – 3x10x45lb

BO Row – 3x10x65lb
BO 1-arm DB row – 3x10x25lb, each side
Upright Smith machine row – 3x10x(20lb+bar)
Lat PD – 3x10x35

Bonus – Farmers carry 45lb each hand, 1×20 knee pushups (no way in heck I was going to be able to do normal pushups after all that)

I forgot my coffee and my lunch on the kitchen counter in my mad rush out the door. I realized this when I wasn’t far from home, but I knew I would miss the train if I went back for it. Thankfully my husband was around to dump out the coffee and put the lunch back into the fridge. I haven’t really missed the caffeine though? I had a cup of tea and I’m feeling all right.

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