Workout options today were run, HIIT, or something more low-impact like yoga or a walk. I’m frustrated with running right now, but wanted a good sweat to work off some fidgets. HIIT it is!

I have an app called IntervalTimer to do the intervaling. It plays obnoxious sounds when I need to stop or start working, and I can set it up for high/low/rest. I set it up for 6 sets of 4x(1 minute work, 15 seconds rest) and split that up into lower body set and core set. Lower body set was butt kicks-squats-stepups (each side, and with 5lb dumbbells in each hand), 1 minute each. Core was ball crunches-jackknifes-plank hold-knee pushups. It made for a good 30 minute workout and got my heart rate up and a nice sweat going.

I’m really annoyed at how the way I’m eating has messed with my athletic pursuits. I feel weak and slow during workouts, and I never used to. It’s really frustrating.

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