Strong squats

I have 3 meetings today from 12 – 1pm. It’s just going to be that kind of day. Unless I can clone myself.

I headed straight to the gym this morning, and got a decent workout in– if a bit compressed due to yet another late train. And it was leg day!

Squat – 5x5x135lb
Deadlift – 2x5x185lb
Leg press – 2x10x200lb
Lunge – 2x10x45lb

I didn’t push squats too hard today but they felt really good at the lighter weight (aside from maybe bruising my shoulder blade with the bar? Or uh was that a pimple there that just got irritated?) It was nice to have some strong sets for a change.

My Fitbit band broke and so I’ve been feeling the weirdness of not tracking steps and stuff. In a way it’s kind of liberating– no more fitness panopticon!– but I do miss that extra push to go move. Anyway, they’re sending me a replacement so I’ll have it back soon enough.

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