Said in pirate voice?

Anyway, for today’s first-thing-in-the-morning workout I did some upper body fun times. I need to get some mass back on my upper back– I’ve had to go back to using a bar pad for squats because it’s bruising my shoulder blades cause I ain’t got no traps anymore. It’s depressing because a few months ago I was squatting almost 200lb with no pad, and now I need a pad for 135lb.

My little work gym has lost one of its bars. There used to be 4– one for the bench, one for the fixed squat rack, and one each for the two adjustable racks. Now it seems like the one that’s missing is the one that everyone needs. I was using the bench, and the other guy pulled the bar off one of the adjustable racks to set up his own bench on the other adjustable rack. Then I was done with bench and needed to set up rows, so I grabbed the bar off the squat rack and took it to the open adjustable rack. Then someone else came in and wanted to do squats, so they took the bar from the bench. And so it goes.

Bench – 2x5x115lb, 3x5x120lb
Barbell bent-over row – 3x10x65lb
Biceps – 3x10x45lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
One-arm dumbbell row – 3x10x25lb, each side
Lat pulldown – 3x10x35
Lateral raise machine – 3x10x40
Kettlebell Romanian deadlift – 3x10x45lb

Lat PDs felt gratifyingly easy this morning. Usually by the end of the set I can’t pull it down to the full length of the cable, but I could today. (Pulling the weight to the bumper is beyond the necessary ROM for the exercise, but it’s nice to feel like I’m doing the "whole thing".)

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