I can still run!

My legs have been incredibly sore since last week’s leg day (I was still hobbling on Sunday!) but today they were feeling better– and I’m working at home, it’s a gorgeous day, and it’s about darn time I went out for a run. So I did.

It was a decent one today; I set the timer for 40 minutes and headed out in a different direction than usual; this way had rolling undulating hills rather than the steep ones. It might go on the list of favorite longer run routes. Anyway, I covered 3.14 miles at a pretty steady pace, with one walk break. Moral of the story: I can still run.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I got thrown into the deep end on a high-profile project? I came back from that meeting and my boss really wanted to lead the project– but my opinion was that I could do a better job than he would. We had some discussion (I said he had too narrow a focus, he said I wasn’t assertive enough, it was a very frank talk) but eventually his boss convinced/told him to let me lead it. Vote of confidence for me– but now I have this massive beast of a project to take by the horns. I need to have the first planning stage done by the end of September, I have a team of 10 very busy and capable people to wrangle, and I’m trying not to freak out about it. It might be a long-burning dumpster fire. My great-grandboss sat me down and said I need to have a Plan B, but not to tell anyone because people do better when they don’t think there’s an escape hatch? That’s not something I really wanted to hear. Anyway, I’m just going to roll on with cautious optimism for now, and get to work.

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