Triceps and thoughts

Wednesday morning means an early, quick workout: I walked off the train and into the gym. I did leg day yesterday so today was upper body stuff. But when I came into the weight room, someone was parked on the bench so I had to wait. Hence superset #1 of quick core work. It was probably a good thing to do it first, so I didn’t put it off.

Kettlebell side bends – 2x10x40lb, each side
Ball crunch – 2×20
Weighted back extension – 2x10x10lb

Bench – 5x115lb, 3x5x125lb

Biceps – 3x10x45lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
OHP – 3x10x45lb

While I’ve been working today, I had this podcast on (it’s old, but I never listened to it earlier– also it has some violent and disturbing content so be warned):

Fascinating podcast, but dark. It’s an interesting look at how we think, and what it means.

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