Just normal deadlifts

J and I headed to the gym together at our NORMAL time for a NORMAL gym day. It feels like I’ve been rearranging my day to get workouts done for a while; it was refreshing when he came to my cube at 9:20 like always.

Today was posterior chain/pull day. It’s good for me but it’s so haaaard. If I spent as much time lifting deadlifts as I do staring at the bar I’d have a better workout.

Deadlift – 5x185lb, 5x205lb, 1x225lb
Romanian deadlift – 4x5x135lb
Barbell bent-over row – 3x10x65lb
Back extension – 3x10x10lb
Dumbbell bent-over row – 3x10x25lb, each side
Lat pulldown – 3x10x35
Assisted pullup – 10@120lb (why is the grip for this so big?? can barely get my thumb around)
Ball crunches – 50 (bonus!)

+15 minutes bonus hard elliptical

I haven’t been deadlifting enough and my hands are soft like a baby’s. They’re all chewed up now. (Not to mention that my grip strength sucks too.) And I clumsily whacked the rack with the back of my hand, right at the base of my fingernail and already there’s a big bruise there.

(weight loss junk and assorted saltiness follows) I’ve been using MFP on and off for many years and I never used any of the social aspects of it because it felt like poking a hornet’s nest of dysfunction and people up in my biz. But now like all my friends and family are using it and they want to be friends on the app. So I allowed this, and now there’s a pile of ‘likes’ every day.

I really didn’t want to add my BIL because I really don’t want any in-laws up in that part of my business (gawd they’re nosy) but after I’d turned him down but allowed other people he whined so I friended him. Now I hate-watch his food log, which is ridiculously inaccurate.

On the plus side, my husband has started tracking too, to the positive effect of new belt notches, fewer Cokes and less snoring. That’s a win! Even if he does torment me by drinking soda and eating cookies.

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