Surprise event

It’s been a lazy weekend so far, but today I decided to get off the couch and go out for a run since the rain finally stopped. (This game has been eating my life!)

I started up the Nike+ tracker to see that there was one of their global events today, 250,000 people running a 5k. I can do that! So I set out along my long hilly route. The weather was just about perfect, 70F and sunny with a light breeze. The first part of the run went well, but at 1.25 miles there’s a fairly steep 0.75 mile uphill bit that knocked the wind out of my sails some. I made it to the top of that without stopping, but then I felt defeated by every other hill I ran across and took a couple walking breaks. Anyway, I finished the 5k in 38:48, got congratulated by Kevin Hart in my app, and called it a day.

We have a concert to go to tonight, so hopefully my legs aren’t too tired to stand around for a few hours. Other goals for the afternoon include making fancy boozy popsicles for a Labor Day party tomorrow, and cleaning the bathroom. Hopefully I can fit all that in before we have to leave…

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