Extra extra leg day

Since yesterday was kind of a wash, why not go extra hard today? Ugh.

Squat – 4x5x135lb (not extra hard, just felt like it)
Deadlift – 2x5x185lb (stacking DL and squat! livin on the edge!)

Leg press – 3x10x250lb on sled
Back extension – 3×10
Step-up – 3×10, each side, 25lb each hand
RDL – 3x10x95lb

+ 15 minutes treadmill run

Let me tell you, running after a leg workout is not my fave. Now that I write it out it doesn’t look all that bad, but I usually don’t do DL and squat on the same day (squat tends to fry my lower back, and then I hurt myself trying to DL). But today I got the TOTAL PACKAGE.

Tomorrow I’ll do upperz and that’ll be it for the gym this week, I’m working at home on Friday.

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