work hard, run fast

I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise! I’ve just been slacking off logging my workouts. Work has been overwhelming and I’m swamped. I’ve still been getting to the gym (thank goodness) but then I forget to write about it in the mad sprint of the day. Something’s gotta give, I guess.

A funny thing is happening to me at this moment: I’m sitting in a telecon waiting for a remote meeting to start (they’re running late) and there are a couple people in the meeting room having a really useful conversation for me to hear. They don’t mean for me to hear it– but it’s always nice to get that outside, closed-door perspective. Heh.

Anyway, I got a treadmill run in this morning and it was lovely. I went in feeling like a nice straightforward 3 miles, and that is more or less what I did– I just did it fast. The first mile was leisurely, but the second 2 I cranked it up. I finished the 3 miles in 34:30, with the last two miles at 11’15" pace (and nice negative splits). That’s pretty fast for me. I was tired at the end, but I felt pretty good. The interesting part is that this is like an untrained state now; I haven’t been running much lately. So I’m looking forward at training for my Thanksgiving race and wondering what I can pull off this year.

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