A little volume

I tried doing squats when I lifted earlier this week, but my back was a little fried and I decided against it after 2 reps. Today I decided to try again, despite still having a tired lower back (re-upping my running has left my hip flexors/gluteus medius/QL/etc complex pretty crunky). I deloaded quite a bit and did a couple more sets, and focused on good form (why do I keep falling forward argh).

Squat – 6x5x115lb, 5x125lb
Leg press – 2x10x200lb on sled
Bicep curls – 2x10x25lb, each side
Triceps – 2x10x45lb
Farmers walk – 45lb each hand

Yeah, that’s a little bit of everything. And afterward I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes on what can be best described as the "mountain climbing intervals" setting, 2 minute chunks of really hard stuff interspersed with slightly less hard stuff. Go legs!

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