Treadmills and bars

I was quite short on energy this morning. My 3 mile treadmill run was a brutal slog, but I finished in 36:44. And afterward I went to the weight room to do some very strange lifting – long bench sets with just the bar (30, 20, 20 reps) and bicep curls the same way (20, 15, 10 reps each side). I briefly considered long squats sets done in a similar style, but NOPE.

One thing I was happy about, though, was that I got a good stretch in after I was done. It’s been a while since I bothered stretching and that hasn’t done me any favors. Especially as I ramp up my running again, I need to make sure my rubber bands are in good shape. Heck, my hip flexors are still a wreck after Sunday’s 7 miler. And I felt today’s run in the arches of my feet, which means my glutes/hamstrings/calves are tight (and that’s a recipe for a PF flare).

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