More running, a little lifting, and some sewing

Yet another 3 miles in the bag today. I’m glad my mileage is going back up without too much of a fight! It was another good workout, 11’33" overall and negative splits. One of the good things about getting back to running is catching up on the Zombies, Run! story, one of these days they’ll cure the zombie plague in Britain…

After the run I did an extremely tiny leg day, 3×10 squats with just the bar and kettlebell RDLs (40lb). If I was smart, I’d work harder on strengthening those pesky hip flexors but I’m not sure what to do with them besides a zillion clamshells.

A week or so ago I went on a Pinterest spree and from all that inspiration, drafted up a vest pattern to go with my garb. I like drafting my own stuff (creativity!) but sometimes it means that I have to make mistakes to learn from them. The vest is short and sleeveless, fastened with a chain at the front, graded down along the sides and tapered to a cute point at the back. I’m pleased with the shaping, the sample I basted together fits pretty well and I took it back apart to use as the pattern. I picked up some black floral flocked denim (cheaper than jacquard!) or the outer layer, but it needs to be lined. I figured I’d do the lining first, sort of a test run of the construction. For the lining, I had the bottoms of some sheer Ikea curtains that we cut– it’s lightweight and shiny purple. Kind of fussy and hard to sew!

So I cut it out and sewed it up last night, realizing where I need to add extra hem allowances and getting a sense of what the outside will need, and then I googled "how to install lining in jacket". First hit deflated me some: unbeknownst to me, you’re supposed to make your lining bigger than the outside garment, to allow for movement and prevent tearing. Oops. So I’m going to have to re-do that, there goes an entire night of work. I might pick up something other than curtain fabric for the lining, too…

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