Racing the light

Today was an oddly hot day– it was 92F this afternoon. I waited as long as I could for it to cool down, and by 7pm it wasn’t really a whole lot cooler but the sun was about to set so it was time to go out. Apparently my Nike+ app wants me to run a 5k every Sunday now? So I took its advice and actually had a nice run, finished up the run on the monotonic hilly route in 38 minutes flat. No walk breaks this time, despite pushing it! It went pretty well.

I like running in the evenings when it’s juuuust getting dark but the trick is for it not to actually get dark. My favorite running route is one of the few places around that gets legit dark at night– no streetlights.

On the plus side I ran into a small group of deer just hanging out in someone’s lawn being pretty. A couple bucks with nice racks in the group, too!

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