Hit the ground running

Yes, I’ve been getting my workouts in. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to write about them! Tuesday I had a treadmill run, Wednesday was a chill day with elliptical and yoga.

Work has been just overwhelming lately. I feel myself slipping into that hyperconfident businesslady mode where I get ALL THE THINGS done but I stop enjoying anything and I start being short with people and I collapse when I get home. Very productive, not good for anyone.

Today I had an early meeting and wanted to get another run in. The weather’s good, so I decided to try another run to the train station to combine my commute and workout. It went well! It’s almost exactly 5k actually. If I hadn’t been late getting out the door, I would’ve made my usual train, I heard it go by when I was maybe a quarter-mile away. It worked out fine anyway, this way I got to sit my stinky butt on the train with people I don’t see every day.

When I got off the train I went straight to the showers and got my day started in a timely fashion. Nice.

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