new gear test: will it chafe?

First, there are few things more exciting than spending 57 minutes running 5 miles on the treadmill and watching 2! episodes of Flea Market Flip. Bleh.

But I wanted to try a long and low-risk run to test out a couple new gear items. It’s easier to abort a treadmill run if there’s an epic gear fail than an outside one where you might be 4 miles from home.

New gear item #1: I got a new phone and a new case for it. It seemed like I was always pulling my old phone out of its case, putting it into an armband, and back and forth forever. But there are armband designs where you can slide the phone in, in its case. Well, my old armband was pretty great; it was stretchy and comfy and never chafed. This one was clunky, hard to adjust, and it chafed the crap out of my underarm after 5 miles. Maybe I’ll have to go back to case swapping after all.

New gear item #2: sports bra. I’ve been loyal to my Moving Comfort Fionas for years, but as I get a little smaller they’re not fitting well anymore, plus they’re wearing out and now Moving Comfort is Brooks and I hear the quality’s not the same. So I decided to check out some other ones. I heard good things about the Panache sports bra lines, and went with the un-wired one. I wear a 34G in normal bras (UK size), so I went with a 34FF. The cups are still a little big, and the front of the bra is wide so it feels like the cups are extending under my arms some (or maybe that’s just the styling?) But it’s an encapsulation style not a compression style, with actual foam cups (that unfortunately soak up sweat like a sponge) and the band was nice and firm so it was plenty supportive. But when I got into the shower afterwards the undersides of my breasts were chafed (ow)– a definite sign that I should try a smaller size.

This stuff will probably be fine for shorter runs, but not for the long ones.

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