this post is not really about a run

I always enjoy finding out about awful crimes in my neighborhood by happening upon news crews when I’m out running. (Warning– discussion of sexual assault in this post.)

This weekend is booked solid so I moved Saturday’s 5 miler to today (and I’m scrapping today’s scheduled 3mi because I can). Just about 4 miles in, at the top of the hill I saw 2 guys in shirts and ties and 3 people with news video cameras, and in a nearby lot I saw a van for one of the local news stations. Never a good sign. I walked up to them to see what was up and one of the shirt-and-tie guys (a newscaster, I guess) lit up and got his microphone out and came up to talk to me. Turns out a woman had been raped there early this morning. I’m sure he was excited to get an opinion from me, a white woman running in the neighborhood, about how horrible it was and how unsafe I felt. (My suburb is quite diverse and most of the people they might run into would be latino or black.) I declined to talk to him and went back to my run (no, I did not want to be on TV 4 miles into a 5 miler thanks).

And I pretty much cussed a blue streak all the way home.

I’m angry that a woman was harmed while she was just going about her business this morning. I’m angry that we can’t live our lives and feel safe. I’m angry that I can’t feel safe in my neighborhood, and I can’t go out on a run without taking out my headphones and looking over my shoulder every 10 seconds.

I hope the woman recovers quickly and fully.

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1 Response to this post is not really about a run

  1. WITIWF says:

    This angers me too but they want to always put the blame on the woman. Sick of this shit.

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