Not easy.

Today’s run was the polar opposite of yesterday’s.

This morning was the first tempo run of the training cycle, 30 minutes. Each one gets longer. I usually love tempo runs– it’s so gratifying to run right at the edge of my comfort zone, for just a little longer than I think I can. Today might have been a little bit over that edge…

I settled on 7.5 minutes warmup (~12’30"), 15 minutes work (~10’30"), 7.5 minutes cruise (~12’00"). That middle section was ambitious! I held on for the work interval but barely made it through the cruise interval, trying desperately to fit as much air into my lungs as I could.

It’s weird trying to settle on a training pace when I don’t have a good sense of where I’m at. I probably took today a bit too fast, but on the other hand I’d be annoyed if I ran it too easy. Anyway, I’m tired now.

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