Almost through hell week

TGIT? This week started crappy and it’s continued to get crappier. The thing I predicted would be a dumpster fire is in fact a dumpster fire and it’s joining another thing which is also a dumpster fire, and upper management keeps intermittently squirting lighter fluid on them both. Tortured metaphor but accurate.

Anyway, at least I can run. I decided not to rest today (I might as well burn off all this excess grumpy energy) and did the 3 miles fast workout, finishing in 33:44. Curiously, this was a fair bit faster than Tuesday’s tempo workout. Maybe the moral of the story is that I don’t need such a slow warmup?

When I’m working right at the limit of how fast I can go, it’s a weird feeling: my legs aren’t tired, no lactic acid buildup, but I just can’t fit enough air into my lungs to make it happen. If I push past that threshold, I just run out of air and have to stop until I can catch my breath. This might have something to do with how I cam currently fueling…

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