Intervals on a tight schedule

I was pretty sure today was going to be not full of meetings for a change, but then they popped up like mushrooms after rain.

Anyway, before the first one I fit in today’s workout of 6x400m intervals, which I did 1:1 to keep it short. Since the lesson learned from last time was that my recovery intervals could be faster, I did the recovery intervals at 12’00" and the work intervals from 10’00"-9’00" (first slower, then progressively faster). Vroom. It’s slightly gratifying to see my new recovery speed be my old work speed.

Yesterday I also went out for a 3-miler that I forgot to write about. It was cold and windy in the morning so I put on long pants– then the sun came out and I got hot. This is the most confusing time of the year temperature-wise– if I’m not warmed up I’m cold, but once I start running it’s warm. Plus the 20mph wind made for quite a chill.

I’m starting to feel some accumulated fatigue, not really what I want 3 weeks into a 8 week training plan. Need to eat better and sleep more.

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