Chilly run-mute

Yet another run-mute this morning. I got out the door a little earlier this time, so I didn’t have to hustle quite so much. 3.07 miles, 38:49, made it to the station with a couple minutes to spare. It was 37F this morning, so I bundled up– warm leggings, tshirt/pullover/hoodie, and headband and gloves. Didn’t need the gloves, but all the other layers were definitely useful. After last weekend’s 85F it feels like we’ve been dropped directly into winter.

My friends have invited me to 2 full days of stuff this weekend. On the one hand, I’m always excited to do stuff with these friends. On the other, though, I am so dang tired. But I’m leaning towards just doing the stuff– the next few weekends will be light on stuff so it might be nice to bank some extra fun.

I also have 4 miles scheduled for Friday and 6 for Saturday. Gotta fit those in somehow…

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  1. themostunlikelyrunner says:


    I’m loving reading your blog and wondered if you would like to follow my story too? If so….

    Please follow me at my new site….

    Thank you

    Helen – a very grateful, unlikely runner. Xx

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