My kind of workout

Today was a rest day and I actually took a proper rest. I went to the gym with J like usual but spent 15 minutes doing meditation, then showered and went back to work. After work, I finally went to the yoga class I’ve been saying I should go to for months.

I think this was the most chill yoga class I’ve ever been to. We started in seated poses and moved on to lying poses in the last 3/4 of the hour. Not a single standing pose! But honestly it was just what I needed– lots of back of leg and hip stretches, as well as a go at shoulder stand, plow and fish, which aren’t poses I often practice. I liked the instructor too– his direction was easy to follow.


You can see that I wasn’t exactly working hard! I almost fell asleep in shavasana. This was the perfect gentle practice for an off-day.

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