Nice day, nice run

TGIF. I am relieved to get to the end of this week, but next week is going to be extremely hectic– I’m running a 2 day series of high-stakes meetings and it’s just not ready yet. I’ve farmed out presentations and tasks to a bunch of our staff and maybe 20% of the stuff has come back to me for review. I need it for Tuesday morning. Might be freaking out.

Aside from nagging folks, though, I have a little extra time today and I decided to take my 4-miler outside to the park. It’s a beautiful fall day! I felt refreshed after finishing it up. I was running 3 trackers (because that’s what you do, right?): Nike+ because it’s my usual run tracker, Zombies, Run! because I’m running my way through Season 5, and Fitbit because well, Fitbit. I started them all at almost the same time, but I got 4.0/4.19/4.15 miles for the distance. I guess that’s not a huge difference, but they’re all using the same phone on my arm….

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