Back to (almost) normal

Today I visited the gym for the first time in a week, though it was a light workout of 30 minutes of ellipticalling. Still, it felt really good to get back to my routine, and having some time to move and breathe and clear my head was nice.

I guess a rough timeline of the last few days is in order.

Friday I had a tickle in my throat all day after my run through the woods (stupid leaf mold). Saturday I went with friends to Faire (against my better judgement as I was exhausted, but it was the last hurrah for the season). Halfway through the day I had the first symptoms of a sinus infection but soldiered on, and I’d lost my voice by the end of the day. Sunday I slept as much as I could, Monday I worked at home preparing for the big meeting I was running Tuesday/Wednesday. Still no voice. Panicking – I was going to be in a conference room with many people for 2 days straight, I could barely speak, and I was a plague vector and so tired. If there was no meeting I would’ve taken sick days, but I had to be there.

Tuesday and Wednesday was the meeting. I could talk but it hurt and I sounded like I’d been smoking 3 packs a day for 50 years. But I survived, the meeting was productive, and it all worked out I guess. Now there’s a lot of post-meeting work to do. I was hoping to take Friday off, but it’s looking like I’ll need to come in. Maybe I can do a half day. I just really want to finally take a little time and rest.

Thankfully my running training plan had this week as a mini-taper for a test 5k this weekend that I’m not doing so I didn’t lose many miles. I’m going to pick it back up on Monday, hopefully back at 100%.

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