it’s probably not pneumonia

Well, the end of my Week of Sickness was Sunday and today I’m back on plan, with a 3 miler on the schedule. It might be a little preliminary. It’s a chilly, windy day and my lungs were not really happy, and my nose was running in a spectacular way. But aside from those minor details it wasn’t a terrible run. My goal was to do another very slow heart rate run but that didn’t really work out because I couldn’t see my Fitbit through 2 jackets, but I tried to run at an easy pace, and wrapped up 3 solid miles in 38:14.

I still sound like a diner waitress, which has made a day of phone meetings super fun. If I haven’t got my voice back by the end of this week, time to go to the doctor for a probable diagnosis of laryngitis. I also need to schedule a dentist appointment, and a trip to the tattoo shop for a new ear piercing. Some of these things are more fun than others…

There is one upside to the chilly weather: it’s kotatsu season. I’m always cold, and so I’ve been sitting under the kotatsu all day– it’s juuust at the edge of almost too warm and it’s wonderful. If I was willing to sit at the kotatsu all the time we could turn the thermostat down a fair bit, but I still like to sit on the couch (with a blanket).

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