Fast running fears

After the shitshow of the last 2 or 3 weeks at work, I took today off. Because I can. And it’s a beautiful day and I got a run in and I’ll go do some errands after lunch.

On the schedule for today: 4 miles fast. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go; I haven’t quite figured out what “fast” means for me. I can turn up the treadmill, but how do I make “fast” happen when I’m road running? But I think I figured it out today– I blasted through the 4 miles in 46:54, 11’42” pace (tackling some big ol’ nasty hills to boot). For reference, my PB 5k pace from 2 years ago was 11’36” (on a much flatter course). Good stuff here.

Running a bit faster gives me the willies sometimes– especially when I’m cruising downhill to make up time, I’m terrified that I’m going to put a foot wrong and trip and crash. Towards the ends of my run I’m worried that I’m going to get tired-lazy and miss a step. Brain, stop it– I know how to run. I want to be cautious but not scared.

Today’s run took me past a lot of bus stops and there was one on a corner where a few people were waiting. I passed the group before my turnaround and came back to them again, and this guy stepped out in front of me, waving. I pulled out an earbud and slowed down.

Guy: Remember me?
Me: Sorry, nope.
Guy: I’m _whateverhisnamewas_, what’s your name?
Me: I’m BUSYYYYYYY (imagine the sound of the Doppler shift as I zoom past and turn the corner)

Note to dudes: DO NOT DO THIS. It is disruptive and creepy.

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    I tried to leave a comment that was just a link and it didn’t work. Maybe text + link will…

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