Nonstop 10k

Who even am I anymore?

Today’s workout: 6 miler. These are meant to be run at an easy pace. My long run route has a lot of elevation change and I wind up walking up some of the steeper hills.


See that big hill (blue line) 3/4 of the way through? So fun.

Not today, though. Today I ran straight through for 6.25 miles. 1:17:48, 12’24” pace. Uhh, what? So my last best 10k pace was like 13’20”, and I set it a couple years ago (Nike+ keeps track of this stuff).

So this was totally unexpected. It didn’t take any heroic effort, either; I just didn’t stop. (Some of the uphill bits are very slow, but didn’t break stride…) Guess I’m ready to put some effort into the 10k distance!

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