Running from the rain

The weather did a switcheroo on me today: this morning there was a big blob of rain heading this way on the radar, so I went out for my run early to avoid it. It never did rain, and now it’s sunny out. Oh well, still got the run out of the way!

I wrapped up 3 miles in 36 minutes flat without too much bother; my brain was in neutral the whole time pretty much. Good ol’ junk miles. I’ve got 2 weeks left of training before I taper, and the race is Thanksgiving morning. I’m feeling pretty confident so far.

We’ve started packing up all our random stuff to put it in storage so we can stage the condo. So many boxes! I had 6 boxes just of books. Now, if only my husband would let me pack “his” stuff– he says “I moved a million times as a kid” (his family was military) “I have a system.” Meanwhile it’s not getting done…

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