Just discomfort all around

Today’s workout was probably the hardest speed work of the whole 2 month plan: the 40 minute tempo run. Inside that label "tempo run", though, there’s all kinds of flexibility– how long for each section, what "comfortably hard" means. I decided to just go all out and do 10 minutes warmup at 12’00", 20 minutes work at 10’00", and 10 minutes cruise at 11’00". This proved to be somewhat too ambitious. I did make it through the work interval (!), but needed to slow down for the cruise interval so I did that at 11’30". It was definitely "uncomfortably hard" but I did surprise myself.

On top of that, I’m in period cramp hell– probably a 7 or 8 on this pain scale. I was tempted to just go home but my afternoon is filling up with meetings so hopefully the ibuprofen I just took does something. I remember when my job wasn’t important and I could take sick days…

(The cramps started after the run, which is good I guess?? Maybe everything was super unhappy about being jostled around)

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