not so easy 3 miles

I was dragging this morning; my 3 mile run was a slog. It didn’t help that when I rolled up to the gym early, all the treadmills but one were occupied and it wasn’t one I liked. Do you guys have favorite treadmills? There’s one that I always use. It might also be because the cardio machines at my gym are old and in questionable state of repair… not that the one I like is a new one, but…

I’d been making a habit of run-muting on Wednesdays but it was 34F (just above 0C) this morning and, well, f that.

I’m also starting to have significant cumulative chafing issues as my miles pile up. One or two runs’ worth of groin or under-boob chafing can be withstood, but several weeks of it gets old. I just bought 2 new sports bras and I’m realizing that I should probably have gone down another cup size. Too late; I’ve worn them.

Thankfully I’m not having any shoes issues this year! No feet falling asleep or blisters, or even hot spots on long runs. I think I’ll be wearing Mizuno Waveriders until I die– just picked up a pair of the 20s for a discount, since the 21s are out now. I think my 19s still have some more life in them though– maybe I’ll put the 20s into use just before the race.

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