I’ve been dealing with a headache since last night and it’s still lingering. Thankfully today my schedule said "REST DAY" so I did 2 sets of easy upper body lifts, some nice yoga for my legs, and laid on the floor for a while. It counts, right?

I’m into the really why are these runs so long phase of my 5k plan, with a 5 miler tomorrow and 7 miles on Saturday. However, we’re also getting a polar blast– tomorrow’s supposed have 20mph north winds and plummeting temperatures, and Saturday’s supposed to be well below freezing most of the day. I don’t want to skip runs, but I’m not keen on going out in the cold, either. If I was going to be home before dark, I’d do the 5 miles tonight, just to not have to run against the wind. I suppose I could’ve planned ahead and done that this morning.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I have the day off. Two Fridays off in a row! It feels decadent. Everyone’s in a good mood today and we’ve all been wishing each other happy Pseudofriday.

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