Winter done come

Sometimes just getting out there is a win in itself, but you find that it was easier than you thought it was going to be. That’s how today’s run went.

It’s cold and windy so I bundled up for today’s 5 miles: my 2nd warmest pair of running tights (I’m saving the warmest for tomorrow), a wicking tshirt, a hooded jacket, and a hooded fleece, plus hat and gloves. (Today it’s above freezing, so no scarf to warm the air coming into my face.) This was a good amount of layers; I took the gloves off after 2 miles (yay for jackets with thumbholes) and adjusted the airflow through my jackets depending on the sun and wind. The only thing that got overly cold was my butt (it was numb!) but my core was warm-but-not-too-warm. The fleece does a poor job of wicking so all my sweat just accumulated on its inside, but it kept the wind out.

The run went fine; I finished in just over an hour, 12’04” pace. No complaints there, another good solid run. I had gas left in the tank to run the last quarter mile in a spirited fashion.

When I came back in, I took a hot bath. :) It was just good all around.

Tomorrow we have plans starting at noon so my 7 miler is going to be early and cold af. I’ll need a scarf for that one. But I have board games and tacos to look forward to.

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