Long run weekend

I forgot to write about my long run this weekend on Saturday. For what it’s worth, I did come back in, shower, and immediately get to work making a cheesecake so blogging wasn’t at the top of my brain…


Anyway, the 7 miler went well– 7.09 miles in 1:26:59 (12’15”), no walk breaks even on the big hills. I was going to shoot for my longest run ever– had to beat 7.4 miles– but by the end of this run my right side IT band/gluteus medius was very, very upset and the half mile walk back home was more of a hobble. I think all the uphill bits irritated it in particular, even though I tried to use my quads instead of my hips (mantra for the day: “quadsquadsquadsquads”). I’m kind of disappointed; I was hoping to get through this training cycle with no soreness or overuse injuries and it was looking good until this run. Today (Sunday) was a rest day, and if it’s still hurting on Monday I’m skipping that run to give it more time to cool off. I need to get the foam roller out after finishing this post.

It was pretty cold out and I dragged my feet but once I got started I warmed up fast. I was a bit overdressed, or maybe not properly dressed– the jacket that was my middle layer was soaked, I should’ve worn a different top layer because I know the one I used doesn’t breathe.

Today was a chill day. We went to the grocery store and then I made a big pot of collard greens with smoked turkey necks as seasoning. The turkey necks had a lot of meat on them so the greens turned out very rich and tasty. I’ll probably be eating those all week.

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