Shuffling around

Hips seem to be doing better today. I tentatively queued up tomorrow’s 5 miles fast for this morning, with the option of bailing to 3 if everything sucked. But it didn’t suck, and I got those 5 miles on the treadmill done in a tidy 55:35– 5 miles fast indeed. Woot. And I finished up with a nice stretch that got into all the unhappy places.

The reason I moved things around is to give myself 1-2 days’ rest between the 5 miles and the 7 miles this weekend. I also have new shoes to test out so I might run a little bit tomorrow to see how they work before I rotate them in for the 7 miler (new gear on long run: big no-no).

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was all relaxed, and then I made the mistake of checking work email. So I just went through my work plan for the next year with my boss yesterday morning, we definitely packed a lot in there. And then I get an email from an outside person "requesting" 2 months of my time on a project that I’m not supposed to have anything to do with. That pissed me off– there’s nothing I can drop in my plan, and now they want me to do extra clean-up work for a project that can’t get its shit together? And that spiraled into thinking about every work thing I’m struggling with and it all kept me up. No more email before bed.

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