Catching up, taper and race prep

I’ve been slacking on blogging my workouts! It’s taper week now, so for the next few days I’m doing yoga and stretching and going for walks (okay my plan has a tiny 2 miles tomorrow too). I picked up my race packet this morning, so all I have to do now is show up on Thanksgiving ready to run. I’ve definitely put in the work this cycle so I’m feeling fairly confident!

I tested out my new shoes with a quick mile on Friday, and predictably they were just fine (thank you Mizuno Waveriders for being awesome for years and years). Sunday (not Saturday, it rained) I put them to a real test: 8.16 miles, my longest run ever. It wasn’t super fast, but it wasn’t slow either; I was running for 1:43:41, 12’42" pace. I kept running up the stupid big hills, but I did wind up taking a couple short walk breaks to cross streets and poke at my phone. Overall it went really well and ya know, a 10 miler or even a half marathon doesn’t seem so unreasonable anymore. Maybe I can get a little faster so I don’t need to be out for 3+ hours to get those done?

But yeah, I’m really curious to see what will happen Thursday! I might line up with the 11’00" folks…

After that, I need to re-evaluate what I want to do. Should I keep running, go back to lifting, or try some kind of hybrid approach? I think when I go back to lifting I’ll have to start from scratch– I’ve lost so much strength. But because of that I’m looking forward to it, too.

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