Almost there!

Last run before the race! I never know what to do with taper runs, so I decided to use it to build some confidence and pushed through the 2 miles at a spirited pace, finishing in 22 minutes flat. It was tough, but I’ll be pleased if I can sustain that level of effort for another ~10 minutes in the race– and I think I can.

Last night I did an hour’s worth of nice stretching and yoga and some more today post-run. My hips have been a mess and someone suggested propping them up with a pillow between my knees when I’m side sleeping. What do you know, it really helped! Lots less hip pain after a couple nights propped up.

Thanksgiving morning is supposed to be brisk: just about at the freezing point at start time. I can wear my warm coat beforehand, and have my race crew (aka my husband) keep that for me while I run in lighter clothes. This year’s race swag is a t-shirt, which is always nice but not particularly useful for the weather, maybe I can use the hat from a couple years ago instead.

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