Race report: annual Turkey Trot 5k

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers! It’s that day of the year again: time to run my yearly fall 5k to keep myself motivated and honest. This year I really put in some good training work, and I was looking forward to the race– though I wasn’t quite sure what to expect! My training cycle this year has been so different and I pretty much lined up with the mindset of “go as hard as I can handle, because I don’t get another chance at this race”. I felt pretty confident in just trusting the training and going hard.

Now the Turkey Trot itself is real caj; it’s a community event in a small city and everyone comes out to run and walk, some people dress in costumes, it’s very festive. However, it’s also a fast course and attracts some serious racers. Someday I’ll learn: line up as close to the mat as I can, no matter my expected pace, because otherwise I’m going to have to rage around giant packs of walkers in turkey hats blocking the whole damn road. I pretty much ran the entire race on anger at walkers who should not have been out in front of people who lined up when they called for 11 minute pace folks. Not to mention the people who run-walk and stop running right in front of me. These things are all fine, but an effort to not affect people who are out there running for time would be great. (The announcer told people walking to line up at the back, but no one listened.)

Aside from all the dodging, it was a very good race. I came out strong (dodging actually motivates me some, I vroom around people) and held it together until the last 0.5 mile, where it started to catch up with me, but I felt good, if tired and hot, when I finished and even better when I checked my time on my phone. When I got home and checked the chip time I felt fantastic– I finished in 33:24, a full 2 minutes faster than my PR 2 years ago. I’m pretty proud at hanging in there for 5k at 10’45” pace– didn’t even know I could do that! My splits were even too. Good race, gold star.

And my wonderful husband, as always, was supportive race crew, hanging out in the cold holding my crap and waiting for me to get back. (Did I mention it was 28ºF this morning? So cold!)

I hope you all have a wonderful day today with family and friends and enjoy the turkey and all its trimmings! Thanks for reading.

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