Oh no my nose

Another beautiful fall-ish day, another decent 3 mile run, wrapped up in just under 35 minutes. Can’t complain at all about the weather– it certainly makes running a lot more pleasant, even if I feel like it ought to be cold and snowy (it’s almost December!) Tomorrow I’m back in the weight room and I’m pretty excited about that.

All the leaf litter around is blowing up my sinuses though– after outside runs my nose just goes and goes. Today they had the leaf vacuum going around to collect them for composting, which kicked up great clouds of dust and probably leaf mold. Not a big fan of this drippy nose can’t breathe business, thanks allergies.

The sale turkey’s in the oven– I’m cooking it using a low and slow method so it’s been going since 8pm yesterday. The first hour calls for cooking at 450F to brown the skin and kill off any surface bacteria. Fine, but all the drippings burned on the pan and made a heck of a lot of smoke– very exciting, especially since my range hood is useless and doesn’t vent outside, just back into the kitchen. (Requirement for future home!!) But we survived that without having to get out the fire extinguisher, now it’s just chilling at 170F forever (somehow I managed to get my shitty oven set just right– the digital thermometer we stuck in there bounces from 167F to 172F depending on if the flame’s on or not. Also the old dial thermometer we had in there to verify temp is wrong wrong wrong, now I know.) Around 5:30pm we can hopefully eat…

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