Turning turkey into gainz

First the turkey: the low and slow sale turkey turned out tasty, but it took a full 3 hours longer than I anticipated to come up to temp, which is 23 hours in the oven (and then only just got to 170ºF). However, it was juicy and tender, so I can’t complain! We’re going to be eating turkey for weeks, but we’re okay with that. I’m looking forward to my lunch today– a pile of turkey, cauliflower rice, and rich curry gravy (inspired by my great-aunt’s turkey curry casserole).

I couldn’t be happier about getting back to the weight room today! It feels it’s been forever. Since it’s been so long, and previous lifting sessions have indicated that I’ve lost a lot of strength, I decided to go back to fundamentals and start at the beginning with good ol’ 5×5. The idea behind 5×5 is to start light and add weight every workout. (Going back to bare metal is going to take some humility.)

Well, we’ll see how far I get with that. Squats and bench seem like they’re in a good place to keep adding. Rows, well, I did my workout sets with just the bar, which wasn’t easy, then the work sets at 55lb felt fairly difficult. So I’m expecting that one to stall first, just because I can’t start it light enough (fwiw, at my strongest I was doing rows at 85lb, so it’s just not a lift I can do all that heavy).

Although the squats weren’t super difficult, I definitely felt it in my quads after a couple sets. I think I’m going to be quite sore tomorrow. Aren’t my quads supposed to be strong from running? Why are they getting so tired?

Squat: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x75lb
Bench: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x65lb
B/O Row: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x55lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk (40lb each hand)

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2 Responses to Turning turkey into gainz

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m interested in trying the slow method of turkey cooking. I rarely cook turkey, but it might be fun experimenting with that.
    On the range hood – I actually have a range hood that vents to the outside. It’s absolutely useless. So if you go that route, make sure you’re getting a very powerful fan. It will be loud AF, but worth it when you have smoke in the kitchen.

    • G says:

      It made a nice turkey– the breast meet didn’t get dried out at all and the skin was good and tasty. It was just the time and that scary initial roast to brown the skin and burn off any bacteria on it. And I think I somehow cracked the glass in the oven door? Might have been when I poured water into the pan at the end of the hot roast and spilled it. Don’t really care; it’s an old-ass oven and needs to be replaced and we’re going to leave that to whoever buys this place.

      Note taken on the fan! I can deal with loud if it actually works.

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