Argh, DOMS

After Tuesday’s first 5×5 workout I was literally hobbled– my quads were so sore that I had trouble walking for 2 days. Wednesday and Thursday were very slow and I only managed to gently elliptical for 30 minutes each day (hoping against hope to get some fresh blood in and some soreness out). Today, though, I was feeling better (still some pain, but I could move) and I went back to the weight room to do the 5×5 B session (squats, OHP, deadlift).

Of course I didn’t check my weights from last time– why would I do a silly thing like that?– and I accidentally bumped squats up more than the 5lb I was supposed to, instead of doing them at 80lb, they got loaded at 100lb because I though last time was 95lb. It wasn’t overly hard– and I was careful to do a very thorough warmup beforehand– but hopefully I’m not massively sore again.

Squat – 5x5xBW and 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x100lb
OHP – 5x5x short bar(25lb?) warmup, 5x5x45lb
Deadlift – 5x95lb warmup, 5x145lb
bonus farmer’s walk, 45lb each hand (GRIP WUT)

Then, a foam roller session to try to get ahead of the DOMS.

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