Definitely not doing it right

Back in the weight room this morning for another B session of 5×5: squats, OHP and deadlift. As usual, I neglected to check my weights from last time before I loaded up for squats and overloaded it– jumped from 100lb to 115lb. Usual guidance is to increase in 5lb increments for the upper body lifts and 10lb for squat/DL, but I had planned on being more conservative for squats, too. 15lb increment is nowhere in the plan. Did ’em anyway, but I’m worried about setting myself up to fail too quickly on squats. I suppose I could just hang out at 115lb for another week… or I could keep on going…

Squat – 5x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x115lb (I should probably warm up heavier, but I’m too lazy to put plates on)
OHP – 10x2x25lb (warmup), 5x5x50lb
Deadlift – 5x95lb and 5x115lb (warmup), 5x155lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk 45lb each hand, weighted ball crunches 20x30lb, jackknifes 20, cable wood chops 20×22.5 each side

My back was a little tweaky after I finished DLs. Can you believe that Angry QL and YogaButt are still acting up? My right side seems to be permanently messed up. So of course I added core work for the bonus.

Remember that shirt the Crossfit gym gave me when I took my powerlifting training sessions on the road? I wore it today, with the one racerback sports bra I have. Racerback bras are stupid to wear when squatting, the bar digs it into my back. But I amused myself, #boathousebeast on the other coast.

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