’tis the season to be tired

I just had my weekly sit-down with my boss– a quick, 20 minute roundup of stuff going on– and I realized that I was exhausted when I didn’t have the energy to make eye contact and maintain my usual friendly-professional work demeanor. Thankfully my boss is even less naturally socially adept than me, so it was fine. I’m planning to take off a long stretch from the 18th until after New Years and I told him that I would probably be calling in to some meetings anyway and he told me not to, to just take the leave and drop things. Nice sentiment, but I’m worried about pressing pause on things for 2 weeks– hopefully they’ll slow down naturally. Ah, work junk.

I did go to the gym today for a 30 minute treadmill jog. It was nothing spectacular but I appreciate the ping of accomplishment for getting it done. It’s nice to get something done (ahem work junk). Have I ever mentioned that my Meyers-Briggs horoscope type is INFJ and I’m much happier when things finish? The overhead of things that go on forever is tiring.

I’m not sure what to do about this weekend. We had tentative plans to get together with friends to bake up some batches of Christmas cookies on Saturday. This involves prepping 3-4 cookie doughs ahead of time so they’re ready to bake. My friend is swamped with work and worried about a medical issue but she’s still saying she wants to go ahead with it, and I’m afraid she’s saying that because we’re pressuring her. Meanwhile I’m freaking tired and haven’t even decided what cookies I’m making yet so I’m not prepared. No one even cares about Christmas cookies anyway– my inlaws tell me they don’t want the fancy cookies, they just want frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store. Perhaps my friend and I should just buy a few boxes of cookies from Wegmans and a couple bottles of wine and like watch a movie instead…

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