Monday Runday

The weekend was a whirlwind– spent Saturday with friends making cookies and taking a drive out to the Big Wine Store to pick up gifts for the in-laws (I always give them wine, it keeps them happy). Sunday a quick trip over to said in-laws to drop off said cookies turned into my husband sitting and watching football with his dad and brother all day while I had nothing to do (had I known I’d be sitting on the couch for hours I would’ve brought a project to work on!) Anyway, I didn’t take advantage of running in the light, well-behaved snow and I’m kicking myself.

Today I headed out for 4 miles and some change, bundled up as it was freezing– nope it was 45ºF and I was way too warm. The snow’s almost all melted now. I’m kind of disappointed. But yay I got a run in– 4.27mi in 52:06, with a big slow walking spot in the middle because my mom called me. She has a talent for calling me in the middle of my runs, and usually I let it go to voicemail because, you know, I’m busy. But she called again right after so I assumed it was important. Yes it was so important, she was at the store trying to buy a gift for Consort and she really needed to know RIGHT NOW. Oh well.

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