Planner life

Back at the gym today for more lifting. Parts of 5×5 are too easy yet but squats are still the bane of my existence. brb while I google "how to get better at squats" (I suspect the answer is going to be "do more squats").

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 3x5x65lb (warmup), 5x5x120lb
Bench – 2x10x45lb (warmup), 5x5x75lb
Row – 3x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x65lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk, 45lb each hand, 1 min plank

I have 90% of my holiday shopping done and wrapped and I’m feeling pretty good about that. There’s a few things I need to finish up (like the afghan I’m making for my parents– I just started the border and it needs a few rows around) but I think we’re on track. This is good, because the week before we head out onto the road is going to be filled with prepping and painting the house. I had hoped that we’d be done by the time we left, and that’s looking unlikely (so much prep) but we can make good progress on painting the small rooms (1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, kitchen) and maybe get to the big main area between returning from Christmas and New Years. If it was just the walls I’d say we could manage it, but we need to do the ceilings and all the trim.

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